Before Pregnancy

You may or may not want to be pregnant and if you are, it may be accidental or not. Here we try to separate truth from fiction on issues regarding birth control and how to improve your chances of getting pregnant if you are trying to have a child.


Birth Control

The term contraception or Birth Control, is used for the prevention of pregnancy.  There are several methods of contraception with varying degrees of protection.  Additionally, it is important to note that most types of birth control offer little or no protection against sexually transmitted diseases.

Getting and Staying Healthy Before Pregnancy

Getting and Staying Healthy Before Pregnancy can help assure a healthy future your future baby. There are specific things you can do to help your baby even before you are pregnant.

Ovulation Calendar

Use one of these Ovulation Calendaras a guide to help you track your ovulation. This can help you to determine when you are most fertile and most likely to get pregnant.


Our Adoption Agency is licensed in multiple states and is able to help a birth mother and birth father in all 50 states and in foreign countries. We are different from county child adoption programs and have worked with birth parents from all over the world and our overall satisfaction rating by birth parents has been excellent.



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