After Delivery Issues to Consider

Once your labor and delivery have ended and your baby has been born, there are many new issues to address. We have listed below several you may want to know more about.

After Delivery Issues


One of the first evaluations of your newborn baby is the APGAR.  The APGAR is a quick evaluation of your newborn baby's condition.

After Delivery Issues

Banking Cord Blood:

Umbilical Cord blood is the blood from your placenta and umbilical cord.  This blood is very rich in stem cells and it can be collected after the umbilical cord has been detached from the newborn.

After Delivery Issues

Bonding Issues

Parental and baby bonding is the attachment that develops between you and your baby. Most infants are ready to bond immediately while parents may have a mixture of feelings about Bonding Issues.

After Delivery Issues

Breast Versus Formula Feeding

Deciding to breast feed or formula feed your baby is an option that most women, but not all, have.  Understanding the pros and cons of each will be helpful in making your decision.

After Delivery Issues

Breast feeding

Most health organizations recommend Breast feeding, when possible, as best for babies.

After Delivery Issues

Formula Feeding

Whether you have decided to formula feed your baby from the start, are supplementing your breast milk with formula, or are switching from breast milk to formula, you are bound to have questions. This site provides answers to some common questions about formula feeding.


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