Pregnancy Stages

Your family, friends and health care provider may ask you about your due date or your stage of pregnancy. Here you can learn about the different stages of pregnancy.

Pregnancy Stages

Estimating Due Date

Gestational age is the "age" of your baby from when you first got pregnant.  It is important to know the gestational age of your baby so that your due date can be established and so that an overdue baby can be carefully monitored.

Pregnancy Stages

Pregnancy Calendar

If you want, you can follow the changes you may encounter during your pregnancy.  A pregnancy calendar tells you month-to-month what you can expect in your pregnancy.

Pregnancy Stages

1st Trimester

The many changes that occur during your pregnancy are often discussed by the week (1 through 40), the month (1 through 9) or by the trimester (1 through 3).  The first three months of a pregnancy are referred to as the 1st Trimester.

Pregnancy Stages

2nd Trimester

Months 4-6 of a pregnancy are called the 2nd Trimester.

Pregnancy Stages

3rd trimester

Months 7-9 of a pregnancy are called the 3rd trimester.


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